Free Market vs. Pro Business

The terms “free market” and “pro business” tend to get jumbled together as if they are one and the same. 2012, a presidential election year pitting a titan of business against a career politician/academic, is no different. Democratically-aligned campaign staffers and left leaning columnists conflate the two terms with shocking regularity. Republicans, meanwhile, have done […]

Giving Thanks

This tax season, I’m reminded yet again of how good the federal government is to me. For a modest $150 TurboTax fee and hours of my spare time, I have the ability to file a request for a tiny portion of my own money to be returned to me in six months. If I’m lucky! […]

On Good Friday, A Reflection

Today is Good Friday, recognized by Christians as the day that Jesus was crucified and ultimately killed. As a child, I’d spend the day at home with my family. For at least a few hours my parents would require my siblings and I to remain silent and reflect, something inconceivable for an adolescent. Remember, my […]