Obamacare: A Primer

Today, the Supreme Court will begin oral arguments over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, colloquially known as “Obamacare”. The act was signed into law in 2010; shortly thereafter its constitutionality was challenged by 26 state attorneys general as well as a number of independent organizations. My colleague Ryan will shortly provide Yi! News […]

Dick Durbin, American Hero

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) recently announced that the Senate Judiciary subcommittee, on which he sits, will conduct hearings on “bounty” programs in sports. The hearing will examine the New Orleans Saints specifically and similar pay-for-pain initiatives in collegiate and pro sports broadly. The Senator was likely outraged, as was much of the public, upon hearing […]

Atlas Stiffed: Cato in Peril

Amid the maelstrom of media coverage surrounding the Republican presidential nomination contest, an issue of tremendous importance has slipped under the radar. The libertarian Cato Institute is being taken over…by its two biggest donors. Charles and David Koch, the oft-ridiculed billionaire co-owners of Koch Industries, have filed suit in a Kansas court to gain control over the […]

The Mystery of Ohio

The following was initially published at Yi! News on March 6th.  On Tuesday, Ohio – along with nine other states – will hold its Republican presidential nomination contest. In the run-up to “Super Tuesday,” however, the Buckeye State has commanded the lion’s share of media, and candidate, attention. And rightfully so. Ohio’s primary awards 66 […]