BotW: May 29

“Libya: A War Fit for a King”:  Steve Chapman notes the contradiction between Senator and President Obama’s views on the use of armed forces. Military action in Libya, however phrased, is illegal based on the War Powers Act of 1973. Chapman focuses on the Executive branch, but should also note Congress’ continued dereliction of duty in failing to challenge presidents on this.

“5 Reasons Twitter Isn’t Actually Overthrowing Governments” (NSFW language): In my experience, the advertising industry loves Twitter more than actual people love Twitter. Among the many fawning compliments the business pays Twitter is that it is partially responsible for the Arab Spring. Mark Hill examines both the theoretical and empirical flaws behind this assumption in a quick but pointed read.

“Austerity Works”:  Global strategist Niall Ferguson sheds light on the false notion that government austerity programs are responsible for financial ruin in the Eurozone. Quick piece that utterly destroys this argument made by Krugman et al.

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