Reflections on SOTU

Thanks to Woodrow Wilson, a man for which “humility” was a completely unknown concept, American presidents deliver annual speeches to Congress. The State of the Union addresses, which before Wilson’s presidency were written and distributed to legislators, serve as a reminder of our monarchic roots. For the concept of an executive proclaiming his will to […]

A Call for Sanity Amid Chaos

The following was written on July 30th, 2008. For Clevelanders across the globe, the development of Lebron James has been a godsend. To the city mired in economic stagnation, the city desperately starving for something, God sent us the man who would be our manna. Like Moses, the Cavaliers organization has served Lebron faithfully, acting […]

The Rise of the Unknowing Libertarian

Hopkins International Airport is a healthy drive from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, the small Cleveland suburb where I grew up and returned last month for the holidays. The long car rides from and to the airport provided me with some rare one-on-one time with each of my parents, as there is no escape from conversation when […]