Hello, and welcome to the blog! Throughout my twenty some years, I’ve written quite a few articles related to sports and politics. Most were not so good; this blog will house the decent stuff. I’ll also try to post every one or two weeks, although I’m not going to write something just to write it. Articles and papers re-posted from past blogs, classes, etc. will have proper context attached to let the reader know the circumstances surrounding them.

Like most writers, this is not how I make a living. Many weeks I’m simply too busy to be as informed as I’d like to be, so I’ll avoid throwing something together unless I’ve had time to actually have an idea of what I’m talking about.

I had the privilege of having a tremendously bright and open minded poly sci professor for two of my major classes, and he was always sure that his students knew where he was coming from ideologically. Most of my profs attempted to hide their biases, either thinking their students were too dumb to figure them out, or hoping that they would be guided towards their side of the spectrum. The former professor had the better idea. Thus, as will become fairly obvious, I am a libertarian.

Libertarianism often gets a bad wrap; people tend to associate the movement with fringe anarchists. In reality, it is a school of thought that is as thoroughly American as any. (“Free minds and free markets” as the Reason Foundation says.)  The Founding Fathers wanted government to be small and state based. Yes, much has changed since the late 18th century, but the fundamental flaws of man have not. Giving one man too much power over the fate of another is just as much a foolish endeavor today as it was in 1787.

I also believe in the sanctity of individual liberty. Some writers such as F.A. Hayek argued that liberty was essential not for moral reasons but for purely rational ones; i.e., it is in society’s best long term interest to allow for as much freedom as possible, but if this weren’t the case, freedom could be dismissed as a secondary concern. I’ll respectfully disagree here. Individual liberty should be protected whenever reasonably possible not for utilitarian concerns, but because the exercise of it is what makes us human.

Thus, when any new law is proposed, my first thought is “How will this affect individual liberty?” If it requires citizens to sacrifice too much of their freedoms, I’m generally against it. (There are of course exceptions to this rule, as I am not an ideologue. National defense forces, certain public works projects, etc. involve significant sacrifices of freedom but are vital to the survival of the republic.) This background isn’t an attempt to sway anyone, it is to allow them to know my biases up front when reading any political material on this site.

As for the less serious stuff (sports), I was born and raised outside of Cleveland. The Browns, Cavaliers, and Indians will always be my teams, no matter how many games they lose and no matter how many superstars flee. I’m an avid college football fan; South Carolina is my first love, but I have a soft spot for Michigan as well.

Thank you for visiting the site. Keep your expectations low, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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